CCAF Oral hygiene project

We are happy to report about one of our partner organisation’s – Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation (CCAF) – project, which – with the help of Anikó Nagy dental hygienist – made it possible for 854 children to get oral hygiene education, instruction in less than a week; the children also received toothpaste and toothbrushes.

The people who made the project possible:

  • Dan Ni (Colgate) offered 600 tubes of toothpaste developed specifically for children
  • Alexandra Várdai-Kóka and Bernadett Harhály (ProfiMed) helped with 300 pieces of excellent quality TePe toothbrush, 10 glasses of plaque dyeing liquid and memory cards
  • Dawn Chambers (Oral-B) besides the toothpaste, donated 30 toothbrushes, a demonstrational dental model, and a huge amount of educational brochures
  • Dr. Rajan Chadha, Dr. Pradip Patel, Simona Dzimanaviciute, Dr. Shamila Ahsan, Aleksandra Drzazga, Dr. Jagdish Patel, Amanda Bolton, Julian Allen, Giovanna Vargas, Sandra Martins, Romanca L Fowell (Infinity Dental Care)
  • Dr. Amit Dodia, Dr. Mayuran Nathan, Dr. Hina Lakhani, Klara Denman (The Wardle Dental Practice)
  • Adrienn Halász, Tímea Magyar (VitalEurope)