Project Sprouts is a Hanoi based volunteer initiative to help students, teachers and the schools in Muong Khoa Commune area in Vietnam. Children attending Muong Khoa schools are some of the poorest not just in Vietnam, but the world. They lack both resources and opportunities many of us take for granted, such as school supplies and toilets in schools.

In November 2016, we made a donation to Project Sprouts to help many impoverished Hill Tribe Children to stay warm this winter. Son La Vietnam can get very cold, yet many of the children are ill prepared for winter and do not have proper winter coats. Our donation was used for getting some winter coats for the children.

The people behind Project Sprouts understand the problems faced by the local communities and are able to pinpoint poverty centres that are otherwise ignored by philanthropic efforts. Their motto is “one child and one school at a time”. We wish to keep supporting them in their efforts with additional funds.

Want to help?

You can support this project using direct bank transfer or via PayPal. 100% of money we raise will be forwarded directly to them.

Please include “Project Sprouts” in the Additional Information field!

Thank you for your support!